12 August 2012

a visual feast ~ a post by Melissa

Advent Calendar Stole
Cranberry Capelet

What a day yesterday was.  I wish I could take pictures while I drive but I'm just not that crazy.  It started with a trip to the Evergreen State Fairgrounds to drop off my entries for this year's fair:

Rock Island Shawl
Bridgewater Shawl

I got a really early start and headed to Monroe in a thick blanket of low lying summer fog and on the way home, the upper layer had burned off and I could see brilliant blue sky ahead of me with a snow-capped Mt Baker in the distance and 2 extraordinarily colorful hot air balloons hanging above the sea of gray fog below.

It's so strange to be at the fairgrounds when there's not the buzz of vendors and presenters arriving and setting up, or an event in full swing.  It was a silence that was only broken by the occasional snorting of unseen animals that I soon learned were bulls from the grizzled gentlemanly cowboy who I stopped to ask for directions (' sorry ma'am, I'm only here guarding the bulls ') ... love it!

I met my husband for breakfast and on the way there had a rare glimpse of a crystal clear Mt Rainier far, far off in the distance.  It's always there but rarely visible at all in the haze, so on the days you do come around the bend and see it, it's enormity is always breathtaking.

We got home in time to watch pairs of F/A-18 Hornet Jets (at least that's what we think they were) do fly overs right over our neighborhood as they left Paine Field and headed west.  LOUD LOUD LOUD and so incredibly cool.

Then it was off to the Skagit Fair to meet Kelli (I demonstrated knitting til the fair closed and Kelli demonstrated 'two-handed crochet' ~ ha! ~ I'll let Kelli tell you about that!).  It's such a small fair but there were some very creative and beautiful things on display:
Kelli's Bridgewater

the KnitWit shawl shelf ~ so cool!

delicate Hardanger embroidery:

and this artistic quilted wall hanging (I covet this piece and also the skills!):

The best part of the day was sitting for 3 hours, knitting and visiting with my favorite partner in crime who I haven't seen nearly enough this year.  It was a great way to end a busy day ~ thanks, Kelli for joining me in some fun memories.  It wouldn't be the same without you there!  Too soon it was time to pack up and go, so I loaded up my entries and headed for home:

2012 Skagit County Fair results
I saw a shooting star on my ride home and remembered that it was the night of the Perseid Meteor Shower.  It's almost always too overcast in this area to see any of these nighttime events but last night was crystal clear, so when I got home we turned out all the outdoor lights and looked up to the heavens and were treated to a spectacular light show. 

What a day, what a day.  I don't think there's one thing that could have made it any better!  ~ Melissa


  1. Beautiful display of two talented women! I hope you win lots. (I am sure of it!)

  2. Laughing, and knitting with Melissa is one of my favorite things~ the total bonus was she made homemade Merry Mix WITH nuts, I like to think just for me.

    I DO NOT crochet two handed, a passerby at the fair stop to tell us about his wife, and how he's watched her knit and crochet for years and years. I was knitting a scarf on a pait of 16" circular NEEDLES! He watched us and then commented how neat it was that one of us (me) was crocheting and the other one (Melissa) was knitting. I couldn't bring myself to continue the conversation, so Melissa and I smiled and nodded and let him be on his way...his wife would be so proud. We had a good laugh.

  3. you always get comments about how oddly you hold your needles and knit but this one was priceless !!

    last year's giggle was my stalker with the cow hat on ~ this year's will be the man who thought you were the most excellent of crocheters!


  4. how exciting! are all those ribbons yours?! i would not be surprised, your knitting is gorgeous. glad you had such a wonderful time.

  5. thank you, Lori! they are all mine :)

    but....it's a really small county fair and not many people enter it so it's not as impressive as you might think

    it is alot of fun, though! this was our 3rd year participating and it's more about the experience of doing it together than the ribbons, hands down!

  6. So impressive. Glad you had a great day. Sounded heavenly.

    Hugs... Pen