28 August 2012

Evergreen State Fair ~ posted by Melissa

Chapter Three ~ Goats, Sheep and Alpaca

We saw baby goats that just couldn't get close enough to each other:

and angora goats that are so visually soft:

and the final of the 4H sheep judging:

 all of which made mom with her bucket of allergies sneezy and wheezy, but then it was on to the alpaca section, where we were informed that you cannot be allergic to alpaca (if only that were true!?) by the owner of Jo's Fleece Fields in Carnation (who also gave me his card and invited us out to see his alpaca and pygora and visit their farm stand).  We watched raw fleece that had just been taken from Ron the Alpaca:
being spun without first being carded and processed:

and I was given a handful of fiber from an alpaca named Porkchop to take home with me:
I wonder if I could work this somehow with my drop spindle?  Hmmmm....  ~ Melissa


  1. Love the woolly animals, we should be seeing some soon in September-can't wait!

  2. oooh! that's a lendrum! just like my wheel! you should totally try the alpaca on the kundert spindle. :) totes.

  3. it's only a handful and I wouldn't even know how to get started

    where are you when I need you? I may show up on your friend's doorstep when you're in Corvallis (hehehe)spindle in one hand and Porkchop in the other

    I love that wheel ~ my mom thinks I should get one :)