26 January 2013

A Dusting of Snow ~posted by guest blogger Andee

Isn't it amazing how a dusting of snow can make everything so pretty?  This was the view from my back door this morning.  We got just enough snow to make everything look pretty, but not enough to made the roads bad for driving.  I spent the  morning at my parents alpaca farm cleaning pens.

The alpacas love the snow too. The colder it is the happier they seem to be.  Above is little Aponi. She was born this past September. Don't you just want to pick her up and cuddle with her?!

My parents are in Las Vegas at the Priority Alpaca Auction.  I love alpaca auctions. I actually won my alpaca at an auction in Virginia you can read about that here.  Anyway I will be spending the afternoon knitting my Leaves and watching the auction online.  It starts at 2:00 in Vegas so that means 5:00 here in New Jersey.  I am through Chart D once and on my second time through.  Fingers crossed I'll get it done during the auction.

Have a great weekend


  1. what an exciting, beautiful day, Andee! bonus for us that you're knitting along since we get to see a peek at alpaca farm goings-on first hand!

    Aponi and your Leaves are both lovely ;)

  2. Still completely in love with your beautiful Leaves!
    I want to kiss Aponi on that sweet little face.

  3. it is so pretty there, i love the snow. perfect knitting weather on your lovely shawl. yes that little alpaca is the cutest!

  4. Gosh, I'm loving your Leaves! I think if I ever do another, I would choose grey too ;)

  5. Beautiful! I could get lost in those long eyelashes :) Your shawl is gorgeous!

  6. I see a knitting retreat around the campfire.

    Lovely pictures.

    Thanks for sharing ~