05 January 2013

by guest blogger Annette

Hi All!

So, between getting sick a couple times during my winter vaca and taking care of my grandson so his mom can get better too this is what I have managed to get done.

 Not much but I see something creamy dreamy just like butter!


  1. Ok soooo I'm starting over. :(. I'm new at this shawl knitting. Guess what I didn't do the circular cast on. I also have too many stitches. I guess just not thinking. Whaaaaaa. Oh we'll no worries. I'm. In no hurry. Have a great day!

  2. I was going to say, it looks like you've got 6 leaves there! I had to restart too, so don't feel to bad about it!

  3. my first circular cast on project took many attempts til I got it right ~ it just takes practice! you can do it :)

    row 2 is still fiddly but easier and then it just starts getting better..and better..and better with every row!

  4. Oh thanks guys! I decided to walk away and vacuum. Nice to get frustrations out and have a clean house to! Well hopefully I will send a pic soon with the right amount of stitches and iChat amount of leaves. :)

  5. It looks really pretty though!