04 January 2013

blogger glitch? ~ posted by Melissa

just a heads up to all the kal'ers...I usually upload photos directly from my computer but that option seems to have disappeared as of earlier today

I'm hoping it's just a system problem since I have no idea what may have happened if it's on our end!

fingers crossed it will work itself out shortly!

...and welcome to the new members ~ I'll keep updating this post with the newest members names and Ravelry links! 

hope to be able to share a progress photo with you all...soon!   ~ Melissa

1-9-2012 - I still don't have the upload/browse search engine to locate pictures on my computer but I found a backdoor to get pics to upload without having to use picasa!  If anyone else is having a problem, let me know and I'll tell you what I did (it's easy!!)...see:



  1. I just tried to edit one of my posts and there is an "insert image" icon (it looks like a picture) along the toolbar at the top of the post. Maybe you need to adjust your toolbar settings?

    1. I have that ~ it's when I click on the icon and the window opens that you upload photos into

      there's stuff on the left as usual but at the top of the box there's usually a 'search files' or something (can't remember exactly what it says) where you can click and it will search files on your computer

      that button is missing today?

  2. Not for me, I just added a photo without any problems. Sorry!

    1. thanks for trying to help me figure this out, Kelly! frustrating (I'm not so computer savvy and this one has me stumped!)