22 January 2013

Better Late Than Never?- Guest Blogger Leanne

If someone told my then 16 year old self that in almost 20 years
my dreams of boys, school dances, driving, friends and fun would be
replaced with dreams of yarn, knitting, patterns and knit alongs, I would have laughed.

Yes, I had a dream about this knit along and that is why I am here.

With some arm twisting, nudges (yes, Lori, I'm talking to you) and convincing,
I am getting ready to cast on today.

My name is Leanne. I am the older sister to Andee.

I have never been a part of a yarn along but I am excited to do so now.

I live next to my parent's alpaca farm along with my husband, three boys and dog and a cat.
The farm is home to 20 alpacas and is growing by leaps and bounds.
We have a small farm store on the property where we sell our hand made knits, yarn and 
merchandise we bring in from USA alpaca products and Peru products.
It has been a wonderful addition to our lives.

I will be knitting this shawl with 100% baby alpaca yarn in a light fawn color.
Heaven on earth.
 I noticed that a lot of you do a quick introduction of yourself.
So here's mine....

34 years old, wife and mom of three boys ages 11, 8 and 18 months.
I work from home as a freelance graphic designer, specializing in print.
Books, original logos, brochures, advertising, you name it.

Fun facts: 
My cover art for the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival won 2nd place in 2010
 and appeared in the catalog.

My Ravelry bag design was a finalist in the project bag contest. I made it to the top 11.

I knit every day. It keeps me sane.

And I am super excited to be a part of this. Maybe I should stop typing and get knitting.
I have a lot of ground to make up!!!!

Cheers, Leanne


  1. :) welcome leanne!! it's my first too, and such a lovely experiance i'm so glad you've made up your mind to join! now i am feeling the need for a baby alpaca shawl too, your yarn is gorgeous!

  2. welcome, Leanne! glad you're joining us ;)
    love your yarn and all your fun facts ~ thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm so glad you are doing the KAL!

  4. Leanne, where've ya been? This party is HOT and busy, so glad you're coming along.

    I'm Kelli and your yarn choice is beautiful. Van't wait to see it knitted.


  5. Hi Leanne! You are going to have the best time. You couldn't be Kal'ing along with a nicer group of peeps.

  6. I really love the yarn you picked, I imagine it is very super soft and oh so warm. This is such a special project!

  7. Hi Leanne, I'm 34 too, and want to say that your post was so warm and cozy! Your life sounds like perfection, although with three boys around, I bet you have to stay on your toes!

  8. love the yarn you chose and I knit every single day too :)