14 January 2013

O Tan-Faced Prairie Boy - by guestblogger WillyG

Other knits are getting in the way of my Leaves of Grass, but I did spend the first hour of this year knitting this little nugget. What a delightful way to begin!

Other than knitting and subsequent slumbering, my first official act of 2013 was a full song-and-dance rendition of "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?" Dear Jeffry was very kind and did not protest the entire time, despite the fact that this is not an acceptable behavior in the morning.

I am currently - and perhaps perpetually - nearing the end of Chart B. 

Don't mock me; I'm just giving you all a fair chance to catch up to my awesomeness. cough, cough


  1. can I find THAT on youtube? if not, it should be up ~ we all need to see that rendition (now I'll be singing that song for the rest of the day!)

    I'm still lumbering through chart C, Will ~ we've got time...lots of time ;)

  2. Best song of the whole musical if you ask me ;) Looking good, Mister!