01 January 2013

I'm jumping in! From guest blogger Kelly Lightbeam

OK, I have to be honest when I say that I haven't had a lot of knitting mojo for the last few months.  I've been picking up my niebling here and there when I'm frustrated and need escape into blissfulness.  When I was invited to join this knitalong, I was hesitant only because I have not been fully present in the last few KALs. 

Now that it's New Year's Day however, I'm rip roaring and ready to go!  How could I let this pass me by, anyway?  A circular shawl, from my favorite designer, to be knitted with good friends???  I went stash diving and came up with this delicious aran weight shetland heather yarn in a rusty apple olive color.  You kind of have to see it in person to appreciate it completely!  I'm hoping that 1700yds will be enough, or I'll have to go begging.

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope the new year brings nothing but happiness to all of you ;)

Kelly Lightbeam


  1. Cheers and Happy 2013 to you~

    Lovely choice of yarn, excited to knowing you're here!


  2. you are a welcome surprise today, Kelly! I didn't think you were going to join us for this one! there are a few more surprises coming also ~ oh, what fun!!!

    happy new year, friend!

  3. i'm happy to meet you kelly, your wool is really beautiful, it looks kind of heathery with small bits of color, i'm so looking forward to seeing your shawl!