21 January 2013

Guest blogging- Andi

Ahoy....I'm still knitting a long! Feels like a little bit since I posted a progress post. My Leaves is coming along wonderfully. Please don't judge my fat lump of a shawl, she really is quite beautiful under all those rolls. Then again aren't we all?
Fellow KAL'er Heather had commented on my blog that she found it easier to have a simple sock to knit on while she worked on her Leaves. I am with her. I may be further along if there wasn't the occasional sock break.
Sometimes when I find that I don't want to deal with another long row, I knit a few rounds on my socks. At times simple socks can be therapeautic. Happy Knitting to you all! Andi


  1. you're funny, Andi ;)

    your shawl is looking so pretty ~ loving the pink! I always have a little side project going with big projects like this ~ breaks up the monotony and after a little side knitting I find myself eager to get back to the big knits!

    1. That is exactly why I love side knits!

  2. :) haha, she is beautiful. mushrooms sprouting here (knitted ones)

  3. I love the color of your shawl! It is so gloomy out it is nice to see some color.