29 January 2013

Chart C and a Chaotic Toddler- guest blogger Leanne

My gut told me that this project was appearing at the wrong time in my life.

I have a toddler. Need I say more?

Not just any toddler. Oh no. Not like my first two that were calm, sat and talked politely.
No. This one climbs, jumps, eats things, screams, climbs on tables, takes my knitting
and throws it across the room. All while smiling adorably and melting our hearts.
Yes, this boy is crazy and we love him.

My knitting is suffering though!!!!!

It's slow going. Just got to Chart C. I do love it when I GET to knit it and I'm still happy that I am a part of this group. I just feel like I'm lagging behind so much.

Well, that was until I read about Andi's tragic ending to her Leaves.
I'm sorry Andi. So so sad. Damn flu.

Ok, so here's my leaves so far....

Cheers folks :)

 The color looks different in these pictures. It's more like the bottom one.

 And here is the toddler that is causing the chaos around here.


  1. Mine is turning into the perfect size blanket just for me. I hope yours will do the same! Even if it takes a year to make it I think you will love it in the end.

  2. I think you are right on track considering you just joined. You have gotten far and your Leaves it looking beautiful!
    Can I just say...how cute is your little man? He can throw my knitting across the room all he wants!
    BTW ...damn flu indeed.

  3. What an adorable child! Keeping you busy with his mischief! Keep on truckin yours is looking so pretty! I'm on my last repeat of C and am excited for D. I
    have a lot of stitch markers in mine so I don't have to back out all those stitches again oh and again! Urban stitches aka: Annette

  4. that face that face that face!! Annette and I saw your son's photo at the same time and both burst out in happy laughter....what a great excuse for slow knitting!!

  5. dear leanne, i could look after your doodle (such a face!!) while you knit, send him to me! oh how i miss that age!!

  6. i think you would miss these years with that adorable child more than you would miss the KAL. just think every time you knit on " Leaves of grass " and wear it in later years you will smile thinking of that energetic child.

  7. He looks like the kind of kid you wouldn't want to turn your back on...I had one too. When left alone for 2 minutes with breakfast, she had smeared oatmeal all over her legs, while sitting on the keyboard of my laptop. Thank goodness they're so cute!!!

  8. OH my gosh, that little grin can melt you all over! Precious!

  9. You guys are great! Glad you know what it's like to have a crazy toddler. I know how quickly this stage goes and I try to savor it...but sometimes im so exhausted!!!!! He's a funny little one.