03 January 2013

Guest blogging-Andi

The girl who shows up late to the party...

That would be me! Well, I am here now and I am ready to Knit-a-long with you all. My name
is Andi and I can be found blogging here. I was told about this KAL, by my dear friend Lori, she
even went so far as to gift me the pattern!

After many mind changes over yarn...I finally settled on some deep stash KnitPicks Palette in a variety of colors. I think it will keep things interesting!

Now that I have cast on, I fear I may not be able to stop.

This is going to be fun. Thank you for the invite!



  1. good job, Andi! we did it :)

    while I was waiting for you to get started with us I looked thru your stash and noticed you didn't have quite enough of one color BUT I did see all the KnitPicks shades and it made me think about a multicolored knit...I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!

    welcome :)

  2. yay andi! it's looking beautiful, i love all the colors, i'm so glad your here!

  3. Hi Andi,

    I'm Kelli

    Welcome, love your yarns~ I think some of the most interesting people come late to parties, I like ya already!

    Can't wait to see what happens.

    1. Well then Kelli..I like you too! ;)