22 January 2013

let them eat cake! ~ posted by Melissa

It's a celebration week!  Dozer is 6 (wasn't he cute?!), my husband's grandpa is 99 (!!) and little Neoma is 4 months old...here she is with some gifts from us (the toys made her giggle and coo...the awesome Vans shoes have her perplexed :) ...)
Happy Birthday Mr Dozie, Pappa Ed and Neoma Jane!


  1. Oh. my. goodness!!! Two cute babies... though I am most partial to little Neoma! Now, if ever there was a reason to knit, she's it! blessings ~ tanna

    Happy 99th to your husband's grandpa!

  2. puppies and babies, sigh, my favorite! is this the little one you knit for? precious!

    1. this is she, Lori ~ can't wait til she fits in some of the 'too big right now' things I've made for her!

  3. Such a darling girl, pretty special.

  4. Happy Birthday Dozie, you are such a fun dog. Neomia is just too cute. Those shoes are very cute.