17 January 2013

Taking a break - from guest blogger Kelly Lightbeam

Oh, Leaves of Grass, how I love you!  Unfortunately, I have been overindulgent in my love affair with this project, knitting up to four hours a day.  This has left me with some damage to the ulnar nerve in my right hand.  With numb fingers, and a sense of regret, I realize that I have to stop knitting lace and take a break.  I am, however, extremely happy with the progress I have made up to this point. I am a third of the way through the fourth chart, and being something of a slow knitter, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment, having gotten so far. 

During my hiatus from LoG, I will be doing some comfort knitting.  We are all still healing from the recent loss in our family, and I heartfully appreciate all the thoughtful comments that have been left for me.  That said, I am doing really well!  Everything has settled down now, and I want to knit something soothing for my husband's Aunt, who is having a very hard time adjusting to life without her daughter.  My thoughts lie along the lines of a prayer shawl, and I bought some "Be Sweet" Bamboo yarn today (so soft!).  It is a very beautiful green color, and if anyone has any pattern suggestions, I'd love to hear them!  At this point, I'm considering knitting the Ginkgo Shawl, but I haven't cast on yet, so it's certainly not set in stone.

I'll be back to knitting more Leaves of Grass by the end of next week, but until then, I'm sending all my love!  I will check in to see how the rest of you are faring on this wonderful pattern, and hope you are all doing well.

Kelly Lightbeam



  1. oh, Kelly ~ I didn't know about the loss in your family....so sorry to hear that you've been going through a tough time

    we'll be glad to have you back whenever your nerve is healed enough to start leaves again ~ we'd love to see what you decide to knit for your aunt...I'm sure whatever you choose will be lovely and greatly appreciated

    I just gave a friend in our knitting circle who unexpectedly lost her husband a white alpaca Shaelyn shawl and I know it meant alot to her

    1. I saw that project and it turned out beautifully. It's a fantastic pattern, but I've already knit it twice. I remember it being something of a soul soother.

  2. and I forgot to add that now maybe everyone can catch up to you! you are so far ~ still love your new color choice...it's gorgeous!!! I've just now gotten the last increase row finished and am getting ready to start chart D

  3. Sounds like a lot is going on, sorry to hear about your husbands cousin. Take care know that we''ll be thinking of your family.


  4. Thank you! Tanna just knit a beautiful scarf that would be the perfect pattern for this yarn. It's part of a knitalong with specialty yarn though, so getting the pattern might be tricky...We'll see if I can get my mitts on it!

  5. i hope you heal quickly, your shawl is beautiful!

  6. They say that knitting is a healer for all things. Hope you find comfort in your knitting during this difficuult time.