01 January 2013

Starting Another Year With Lace ~ a post from Kelli Wyll

Happy New Year~ Excited to start this knit-a-long. I choose a Jagger Spun lace weight,50% merino 50% silk, it's a shiney emerald green. Took a long time deciding, but when I see it in my mind, I see a Celtic shawl pin, that I'll need to find. I can see me wearing the emerald green Leaves of Grass and the light weight bronze shawl pin. The jouney has begun, see you all around~ Kelli


  1. my what a lovely shade of emerald blue :)

    green's a bear to photograph ~ I need to take a class...I've figured out you need tons of natural light but I still never quite capture greens right

    you'll get lots of practice with this one!

    be on the lookout for a few surprises on the blog ~ I've been busy this morning with emails!

  2. hi kelli, it's nice to meet you. now i want to make a lace weight shawl too! emerald with a celtic pin, so gorgeous.

  3. Hi Lori,

    Thank you,

    Lace shawl away too! And if you see a light weight bronze shawl pin let me know.