06 January 2013

Guest blogging- Andi

A Change has taken place...

Remember how I told you all about how I had a hard time settling on my yarn selection. My mind
has changed again!

Since I un-installed Picasa by accident, I can't share my new yarn color with you. But you can check it out on my blog. I am going with a solid Pink.

Thankfully I am back to the point I was when I frogged the Lavender yarn! Now, I am happily knitting away and no longer concerned about color changed.

Happy Knitting everyone!

Andi ***Thanks to Melissa I was able to upload a photo from my computer-whoot whoot!


  1. Nice catch, looks jewel-tone,pink?

  2. I think you made a good call going with the pink; it's very pretty and should be heckuva easier to knit without worrying about when to make the color switches. So can I call a suggestion for the Knit Picks Palette colors? How about a Missoni-persuaded zig zag blanket or wrap? Just sayin. Those colors you originally picked are too good to pass up entirely.

    1. ooo ~ nice suggestion, Will!! he would know, too...you guys should take a peek at this beauty he knit this year ~ it's amazing!!!

    2. that is a gorgeous blanket! if i only had a baby to knit one for, someday...

    3. Thanks! Some people thought it was fully sized, but it's teensy. It could easily be upsized to worsted weight yarn, though, for a real blanket. Or, as a friend of mine did, extend the baby size by continuing to knit stripes until it is long enough for a wrap! I left a secret thread in mine to hold stitches, in case I get up the guts to put it back on the needles and continue knitting the length!

    4. You know what I think I will take you up on that excellent suggestion. When I do make it.....I will name it Willy! :) I am not kidding, at all.

  3. beautiful pink andi, i think it's a great idea. and i love wills idea for the palatte.

  4. it was worth the extra effort to figure out a photo fix, andi, since we get to see a newer picture of your shawl ~ it's looking wonderful!

  5. Thank you all. I am wicked happy with the pink choice.