01 January 2013

my first kal ~ by guest blogger lori

hello and happy new year! this is my first knit along and i couldn't be happier to
be joining in. my name is lori (this is also my first time to guest post, so i hope i'm
getting this right) i'm really looking forward to making leaves of grass, this time for me.
last summer i made this for a gift (ravelry link), in a blanket size, using worsted weight (blog post here). i've wanted to knit with loft, jared floods wool, since seeing it at my lys. and especially this color, postcard. i'm going to do the edging in fossil. 

 wool in better light on my fake stove  :)
i was having trouble photographing this morning because of the rain and clouds,
but postcard is a lovely greyish pink color. i've had this in my stash, looking forward to casting
on for some time. this morning i did, and am almost done with chart a. and really looking
forward to getting on circulars soon. and i'm very much looking forward to seeing all the
lovely pi shawls here. thank you melissa for having this kal. so much fun!


  1. welcome, welcome, my blogger friend!
    we're so glad to have you join us! I hope you love kal-ing as much as we do!

  2. Lori, it is going to be beautiful. What stunning yarn you have picked for your projectm that is a color I would love to use myself.
    I have been practicing my circular cast on to knit Jared Floods Hemmlock Ring Throw, I need more practice ;)

  3. This is going to be so beautiful! Your first one is amazing, and I love the photography <3

  4. Welcome,

    Do you sit by your fire and knit? Looks cozy, and your shawl will be wonderful in that yarn.

    See you around the blog.