22 January 2013

Filler Projects and the Return of the Mojo ~ guest blogger Heather

After whipping through the first two charts and half of C, I thought I was progressing quite well on my Leaves of Grass. Then I noticed that my skein was not getting much smaller. In fact, I still had half a skein - not to mention the other three in my bag. I was on Chart C and still had more than 75% of my yarn left. I became worried and discouraged. I did the only thing I could think of; I set the shawl aside.

I knew I needed a few quick knits to help me along and get back my shawl/blanket knitting mojo. So, I cast on for a pair of socks and finished them. I then decided we needed slippers for our upcoming trip to cold country. I quickly made my youngest a pair and cast on another for my daughter. With his finished and hers halfway complete, I found another project to satisfy my need for speed. I started a set of leg warmers.

I now have one legwarmer and a slipper on the needles as well as the Leaves of Grass. I plan to finish the slipper after this post. The legwarmer will be my travel project as it is an easy moss stitch pattern. With these two projects near completion, I think I am about ready to return to my blanket. My need for quick projects has been satisfied. I am hoping to finish Chart C this week and begin D. Rumor has it that the final charts require a lot of yarn. I sure hope so, or I will have the biggest worsted weight doily around town. Not too mention a whole lot of yarn left over!


  1. worsted weight doilies are highly underrated, Heather!

    it looks wonderful! glad you're getting your mojo back ;)

  2. I can't wait to see it Heather, I know it is going to be just beautiful!

  3. looks lovely!! I would be excited to be using such little amount of yarn :)

  4. hi heather, i went to check my notes since you are using the same worsted and here is what i found:

    ~ i began the 2nd ball of wool at the end of chart c, and added a lifeline here too.
    ~ 3rd ball began at the 2nd d chart
    ~ 4th ball at the beginning of the knitted on edge.
    ~ ended with approx. 55 grams

    so all is well! and it's looking beautiful!

    those outer rows really do require a lot of yarn!

    1. Thank you so much, Lori. I am back on track. It just seemed like I should be making a bigger dent in my yarn!

    2. lori ~ I'd like to compare notebooks with you!...we both take lots (and lots!) of notes...you never know when they'll be helpful down the road

      (I get teased for my notetaking but I've gotta be me ;) ...)